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We are a small family run farm located in beautiful Mountain City, Tennessee. Our horse retirement facility is dedicated to providing the best care available to your horse. Our horses give us more than just championships... they give us companionship and loyalty, teach us courage and dedication, they help us achieve things we have only dreamed of. Our horses deserve the best retirement we can give them. Whether your horse has retired due to injury, age, or simply earned a more relaxed lifestyle, we promise to provide comfort and carefree living on our beautiful farm. Horses on our farm are only handled by knowledgeable staff, quality farriers, and veterinarians.  Our horses are given quality forage, hay, and supplements as needed. Mild weather and a true four season climate is sure to provide an oasis for all horses we host! 


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The Bogard Family

We love living in eastern Tennessee. We enjoy our loving community, comfortable weather, and gorgeous scenery. Together we grow organic produce, raise Dairy Sheep, chickens, ducks, 1&3/4 horses (an Appaloosa, Welsh Pony, and a Mini), and our Great Danes, Hans and Hugo.

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Daniell Bogard

Daniell was born in a small cattle ranching community and was exposed to ranch riding at a very young age. She joined 4-H and competed in both english and western disciplines for 10 years. Daniell represented the California State University, Fresno Equestian team for two years. At 18 years old, Daniell purchased her first Appaloosa, completed all of his training herself, and went on to win three Appaloosa Horse Club World Championships in Showmanship, Western Horsemanship, and Hunt Seat Equitation. Today she enjoys a slower pace of riding with her children. Daniell has a passion for all horses. 

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Why US?

We have the experience needed to give your horse the standard of living to which they are accustomed. We understand how to care for world quality animals, and understand how difficult it can be to allow another person to care for them. Is your horse picky, anxious, lazy, spoiled, easy or hard keeper, accident prone, escape artist, plays dead, or a perfect angel? It doesn't matter... we can handle them all!

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